Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Part 2

Ok so Part two of my big catch up...we'll begin with Thanksgiving. My Dad came up for it, of course my girls so happy to have Papa home.
And at Thanksgiving dinner at Jess's house....the girls so happy to be with their favorite cousins.

These 4 girls are so close and love each other soooo much. It is just so fun to have my sister's and mine children together and loving each other!

This is Jessica's and my butt! Haha...we both got the same jeans, we just love them! Can you guess who's who?? ;)

The adult table...missing Jonathan and Chad who are taking the pictures.

I know I have so many sleeping baby pictures....but somehow you just can't get enough. Nothing is like your own sleeping baby. They are just so at peace. And Taylor always seems to be crossing his legs :)

Look at that happy boy! He is my sunshine!!!

Great Grandma came to visit. And you know it is just so nice, because my girls LOVE her, and what is so neat, is Elayna who's middle name she is named after, has a real close connection with you can tell in these pictures. I have lot's, cause their special.

With great grandpa Victor too.

I love this you can see Taylor is making everyone laugh. He is just so fun.

Love you Grams!

Ok now we are heading into Halloween. The girls had a Joyschool Halloween parade and party. It was soooo cute. We had 4 princess's and an astronut!

Miriam's little bro dressed up too.

Taylor snuck in this one.

This was on actual Halloween, where we went "Trunk 'O Treating" at the church. It was so fun...Taylor wasn't too happy about his Spiderman hat.

I wonder how many of these shot's I have...;)

Yes, yes Mommy had to dress up my usual 80's costume. What is so great/kinda sad....this year was the first year I had some 12 year old's come up and ask what I was! Oh boy....
Traditional 80's stance (for dancing or arobics)!

The girls just being too cute.

Passed out on the couch after a long day! Wasn't even bed time yet. So sweet.

It's being to look alot like Christmas....

For Joyschool we did a Nativity pagent, that these little 4 year old girls were in. They we so darling though, let me just say. Here is Elayna, as Mary.

I was narrating as they acted/stood around me :)

Joseph (Miriam) Mary (Elayna) Angel (Brianna).

Shepard's in their field. (Emily Sabey, Brianna).

All of our actor's. Shelby was a Angel too. They were so cute! It actually really brought the spirit of Christmas.
Grandma Lee came to our show.

Brianna being her sweet self.

All the girls after our preseant exchange. This was our last Joyschool class too.

Elayna, being her happy self.

Lol! I just love this picture. No clue what's going on...but oh so great!

Christmas Eve! Santa came to visit us!! Wow, so special!

Everyone was so happy to see him...except the little ones (Hailey and Taylor, just about flipped!)

All the grandkids had just opened their Christmas Eve gift from Grandma LaBrie....NEW PAJAMA"S!! They were all sooooooooooo adorable at this moment!

They were so goofy and silly and just having so much fun, as were us adult's watching them all!

Ahhh. I love these picture's. Not a peep in the house, right before bed, on Christmas Eve. With all the presants and the tree looking so beautiful. This year we had the most special Christmas Eve. My Dad turned 60 on the 7th of December, so Jessica and I did a 12 days of Christmas to him, with letter's from his family and friends sharing memories and what they love about my Dad. Then on Christmas Eve we suprised him with a little party (Just his kids and grandkids) and for the 12th day, his kids read him their letter's, then Jess put together a slideshow that made us all ball. And I put together a scrapbook of the twelve days. It was so special, my Dad just cried the whole time, and told us how much it meant to him. It was just such a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Morning, after all the presants are open, and we were just about to have our traditional Christmas brunch...eggs benadict. Mmmmm, the yummist ever! Papa and Uncle Jord stayed over.
Did I mention how much my daughter's love Papa. This was Elayna for like an hour!

Elayna got ahold of my camera...and she actually knows her way around it pretty good! :)
So like I had said, this Christmas was really special because of my Dad, but also because my brother had just gotten home from Jeruselum!!! And we were soooo privilaged to listen and see all his pictures. He has some AMAZING stories and wonderful experiences. He also gave us all these awesome scripture cases that were made out of leather and had the Jeruselum skyline on it....also Jess and I got a oil lamp like the ones the Ten Virgin's would carry, and these beautiful scarfs from there. And I got one more special gift...cause Jord had me for Christmas. I got and actual "Widow's Mite" that dates back to the savior's time! It was soooo special, I cried! Just such a wonderful season, to have Jess and her family actually HERE and Jord home with so much wisdom under his belt and my Dad with us. Truly a memorable Christmas season.

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Emily said...

I'm not sure where to post! Wow, what a special christmas! We didn't talk about any of that, so I was hearing it all for the first time! Great pictures, those are such amazing memories captured!! I love family and Christmas!! You guys had a great second half of the year!!